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Online Therapy for Emotional Health

Offering virtual support to California residents.

Melissa McCormick

Life can be overwhelming. We live at such a fast pace that we often do not have the space required to slow down to feel our emotions. When we are unable to connect with ourselves, symptoms like anxiety and depression increase. We need help connecting to our bodies, and regulating our nervous systems to slow down enough to move out of fight or flight and into the present moment.


Slowing down, facing fears, and reflecting inward is tough work, and we are often afraid of what we may find. Yet in the midst of great pain, people can discover their own sense of courage. Working through the challenges of our past and our present allows us to have the freedom to make different choices in our future.



Healing from traumatic events is possible. Trauma, or any event in the past or present that is causing significant distress, plays a role in the daily lives of many people. Working on getting to the root of our painful experiences can have the most impact on our lives. 

It is hard to live in this world without question whether our bodies, stories, and voices are "good enough.” Transforming our view of our body, food, and exercise plays a vital role in living freely in today’s world.

Anxiety is a  common emotion which leads to distress. When we find ourselves experiencing anxiety in a way that affects our daily lives, it is important to create coping skills. Processing our anxiety can lead to relief and enable us to experience the full range of emotions in a healthy way.

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