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Therapist Coaching


Transitioning into your own private practice can be intimidating.

Despite years in school and thousands of clinical hours, therapists are not trained to run a business. It can feel overwhelming to figure out how to create a business plan, market to your ideal client, and manage all the administrative aspects of private practice. Therapists need help figuring out their own hopes and dreams for their business. Private practice coaching could be for you if you need support in identifying and overcoming barriers that are keeping you from thriving in your business. 

 You deserve to have guidance and encouragement as you create a space of healing for your clients. 

Private practice specific coaching might be for you if you need help:

  • Overcoming barriers to getting started 

  • Growing your practice 

  • Identifying your ideal client(s)

  • Creating a marketing plan

  • Understanding the financial basics of private practice 

  • Need support in the mental blocks that come up in growing your business 



  • Individualized coaching based on your goals and needs  

  • Virtual 1 hour calls practical tools, resources, and support 

Reach out if you're interested in learning more about coaching and pricing packages.

Melissa cultivated such empowerment for me during my journey. She provided support and encouragement that any new private practice therapist needs. I felt safe while facing fears of risk. I left each consultation session with pure confidence and joy.

 -Dr. Kasey Camp, LMFT

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